We develop products for start-ups and established businesses. Our award winning, multi-disciplinary team can design and develop hardware and software from concept through to production.

Software Design Services.

Navigating the complexities of software development can be challenging, especially when you’re busy getting your new business opportunity off the ground, or you are not a software engineer yourself. That’s where we come in.

From developing the right project plan, to selecting the appropriate software languages and tools, and developing a robust and scalable software architecture, we ensure your product not only has the right features, but also delivers an engaging user experience. Our design approach includes consideration of the whole product eco-system such as ensuring the seamless interaction between your software and hardware components, while our tailored app development helps you connect with your audience on their favourite devices.

By adopting lean Boost Design methodologies designed specifically for developing new-to-world products, we minimize development costs whilst maximizing speed and quality.

Architecture Design.

Begin with a robust, scalable foundation by leveraging our expertise in software architecture design. Your business goals may dictate the design of a feature-packed, secure, and easy-to-maintain software architecture. We start by understanding your specific needs, then design a fit-for-purpose architecture ensuring your software can grow with your business.

IoT System Design.

Transform your ideas into reality with our specialized IoT system design, ensuring seamless device connectivity and efficient data management.
We begin with your product or business vision, then design an IoT system around your needs. Throughout, we prioritize ease-of-use, saleability, security and privacy, giving you a robust IoT system capable of growing along with your business.

UI/UX Design.

Deliver an engaging, satisfying user experience with our focus on user-centric UI/UX design.
With a focus on your users, we design interfaces that are functional, intuitive, and consistent across platforms. This approach enhances user satisfaction, leading to increased engagement and improved user retention.

Firmware Development.

Enhance the power of your hardware with our custom firmware development, focusing on efficiency and secure integration.
With your hardware specifications as a guide, we develop firmware that optimizes performance and efficiency, while maintaining secure communication with other devices and services, thereby enhancing your hardware’s potential.

Embedded Linux.

Leverage the power of open-source with Embedded Linux development, ensuring your systems run efficiently and reliably.
With an understanding of your system’s needs, we select the most suitable hardware architectures and software packages. We then deploy and develop your system, providing the power and performance you need in order to materialise your product vision.


Integration with Hardware.

Software and hardware integration is critical to enabling product functionality and achieving market success. Design of one impacts the other, and that’s why we carefully consider the selection and interplay between each component early in each project; this allows us to optimise development efficiency, reduce project risks, and minimise development costs.

We can take care of all of your hardware and software integration needs, from concept through to production and beyond.


Cloud Development.

Cloud servers are becoming critical to enabling the functionality in many product suites, and we are ready to develop and customize a cloud solutions for your unique needs.
We collaborate with you to understand your project and business goals, and then develop the right cloud architecture that can support your feature requests, but also considers data security and privacy. We also identify, evaluate, and integrate the right third-party tools and services into your software, enhancing its functionality without adding unnecessary complexity or cost.

App Development.

Connect with your customers on their favourite devices (such as Android & iOS) with our app development services, focusing on user-friendly design and secure data handling.
We prioritize user-centric design, performance, integration with hardware devices, and security, developing apps that are compatible across various devices so you can establish a direct connection with your customers.


Desktop Applications.

Desktop applications can provide a powerful interface to other systems, greatly enhancing the capability and functionality of hardware devices and other software components.

We develop each desktop application with a focus on the user experience, and work closely with you to prioritise feature development to help bring your product idea, with all of its functionality, to life.

Algorithms & AI.

When developing new-to-world technologies such as sensors or sensor arrays, it is not uncommon to require the development of novel algorithms.

We design algorithms for efficiency, scalability, and precision, addressing your unique problems and ensuring robust performance across diverse scenarios. We can also integrate AI and machine learning into your system, that can either learn from new information on the fly, or alternatively implement algorithms that have been derived from AI. Our team can help determine what is best for your application and implement it.

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