We develop products for start-ups and established businesses. Our award winning, multi-disciplinary team can design and develop hardware and software from concept through to production.

Research & Development.

The Boost Design team have 20+ years’ experience researching and developing novel technologies for integration into innovative and new-to-world products.

We are specialists in taking a complex new technology, which may start out as either a concept based on science, a University PhD thesis, or a whitepaper, and develop it into a viable design that can be incorporated into a commercial product.

Once technologies are ready, we can then apply our electronics, mechanical and software engineering capabilities to design a completed commercial product, ready for market launch.

Our team have a wide range of experience across multiple industries and engineering disciplines, which we combine together to take an integrated approach to develop an optimised R&D plan. We also have far greater capability than our team itself; we expand our network as needed to include subject-matter experts from universities and industry, maximising success factors in complex technology development projects.

Examples of some of our previous research work have been provided below. However, we have also done a lot more; pleasecontact usto discuss your project.


Wireless, IoT, and Miniaturised Devices.

Boost Design has completed a large number of projects requiring the integration of wireless and IoT technologies in order to meet the needs of specialised applications. Examples of work completed include:

  • 5G & 4G Cellular devices, including NBIoT and Cat M1
  • Network of 60+wireless low-power battery-operated sensor devices
  • Wireless miniaturised battery operated alarm system utilising a range of different sensors and devices, based on Bluetooth® technology
  • Long-range wireless monitoring system (LoRaWAN)
  • Wireless range extenders
  • Multiple wireless interface devices & wireless converters (e.g. Bluetooth® and 5G)
  • Proximity detector alarm utilising wireless sensing
  • Medical device IoT status monitoring system with AWS interface
  • Waterproof wireless devices
  • Wireless biomechanical / motion sensors
  • Custom antenna designs for optimised performance
  • Miniaturised, low power, GPS IoT tracking devices
  • Devices with multi-year battery life
  • Various PC, smartphone, and Cloud (e.g. AWS) applications for communicating wirelessly with hardware


Medical & Diagnostic Devices.

Our team have a deep understanding of medical devices and related products. Our staff have previously worked at leading Australian medical device companies, including Cochlear, Resmed, Nanosonics, Saluda, Imaxeon, Ventracor and others. Our team also includes post-doctorate medical research experience. Examples of our work include:

  • Audiometer (hearing tests)
  • Portable injector
  • Electroacoustic gut screening device
  • Eye diagnostics camera system
  • Thermal skin measurement device
  • Brain-machine interface R&D
  • Anaesthesia device PC software application
  • Radiotherapy device accessory
  • Diagnostics sample control system
  • Cannula accessory
  • Glue-ear treatment portable wireless device
  • Touch sensing & diagnostics
  • Disinfection (UV & Chemical)
  • Wearable ultrasound phased arrays for therapeutic treatment
  • Wireless medical device monitoring devices
  • Portable battery-operated device to assist with clinical evaluation
  • Spinal load sensor
  • Laryngoscope prototype development
  • Medical device design and documentation to ISO13485, IEC62304, IEC14971 etc


Sensor Design.

Our team have developed numerous detection systems based on a range of different sensing requirements. Examples include:

  • Trace gas chemical amplification & detection systems
  • Optical detection systems (Michelson Interferometry)
  • Particle flowrate sensing
  • Gas flowrate detection
  • Biomechanical sensing
  • Magnetic position detection (e.g. LVDT coils)
  • Numerous types of highly-accurate positional sensing
  • Pressure and load sensing
  • Optical touch sensing technologies
  • Enhanced accuracy thermal camera detection sensor systems
  • Camera and colour-based optical recognition systems
  • Geological measurement devices
  • Optimised inertial sensing designs and algorithms (e.g. accelerometers, gyroscopes, accelerometers)
  • Development utilising off-the-shelf sensors


Thermal System Development.

We’ve worked on numerous projects requiring thermal design. Examples include:

  • Passive and active cooling systems
  • Peltier heating and cooling devices
  • LED heat management / cooling systems
  • Gas thermal management systems
  • Sensor element thermal control systems
  • Laser temperature control systems
  • Thermal energy storage controllers
  • Thermal cycling systems for laboratory devices
  • Liquid immersion cooling systems


Machine Design.

By combining our electronics and mechanical expertise, we’ve developed numerous machine control systems incorporating the following technologies:

  • Stepper motor and solenoid based motion systems
  • DC and BLDC (Brushless DC) / AC Servo motor drive systems
  • Precision linear positional feedback systems
  • High-speed XY gantries
  • Solenoid and motor-driven valve systems
  • Fluid pumping systems
  • Mechanism and latch design
  • Laboratory and medical fluid delivery systems
  • Process controller electronics and software
  • Designs maximizing accuracy and repeatability
  • Designs maximizing process throughout


Test & Algorithm Development.

New technologies often require novel test and verification methodologies, including sophisticated data analysis techniques, in order to characterise performance and develop algorithms. Examples of our work include:

  • Design of controlled experiments
  • Test and acquisition hardware and software
  • Automated data analysis and signal processing scripts
  • Performance analysis and design optimisation
  • Complex algorithm development
  • Inertial sensor test jigs and control software
  • Sensor and mechanical calibration systems
  • Testing to established standards
  • Development of production tests


Other Services.

In addition to research and development, Boost Design also provides comprehensive product design and development services. This includes:

  • Electronic design
  • Mechanical and industrial design
  • Software and firmware development
  • Prototyping
  • Design for manufacture
  • Tooling
  • Assistance with product certification
  • Production setup and support


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