We develop products for start-ups and established businesses. Our award winning, multi-disciplinary team can design and develop hardware and software from concept through to production.

Product Development.

Boost Design specialises in the development of new-to-world products, taking them from concept through to production. By conducting all engineering under the one roof, we can provide seamless integration of all components including mechanical, electronics, firmware and software. We emphasize product end-user experience, and ensure every detail is considered and is fit for purpose.

We also understand that your needs may be much broader than pure product engineering, so we can offer help there too. We develop new technologies, conduct IP reviews and patenting, arrange regulatory assessment and product certification, and do market research. We can also help develop start-up companies from scratch. Boost Design works hard to achieve the overall success of our projects and clients as we see your success as our success.

Electronic Design.

State-of-the art products.

Position your product as a class leader by blending ease-of-use with the latest in powerful electronic and wireless IoT technologies. We’re here to make it simple for you; share your vision with us and let our talented engineering team do the rest.


Industrial Design.

Beautiful designs that work.

Perfection is more than skin deep, and that’s why our mechanical and industrial design team develops beautiful, practical, and manufacturable products with your end-goal in mind. Tell us your objectives and let our team work their magic.



Medical Devices.

Enhancing the quality of life.

With a team that previously worked in some of the top medical device companies, we know medical device development. Our lean medical device development program can help get your ideas to market efficiently and effectively.


IoT & Wireless Design.

Connected devices.

We’ve invested millions of dollars developing IoT, Bluetooth® & other wireless devices, so you don’t have to. App-connected, minaturised, low-power, IoT cloud-connected, and battery operated devices; we’ve done them all. Let’s engineer a product that your customers will love.



Research & Development.

Ready to change the world?

We wake up in the morning ready to change the world for the better. If your technology works within the laws of physics then we’re up for the challenge. Share your goals with us and let’s put our world-class R&D team to work.


Software Development.

Consider the whole ecosystem.

Well developed software can greatly enhance the value of hardware products and the entire product ecosystem. Whether it’s firmware, a smartphone app, desktop software, software in the cloud, machine learning or AI, our team are ready to architect and deliver the best solution to meet your objectives.



Entrepreneurs & Startups.

Let’s make it happen!

Startups are our passion; let’s disrupt the status quo with your ground-breaking idea. We’ve done it many times before, and we’re here to guide you from start to finish. Tell us your dream and let’s turn it into reality.

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