We develop products for start-ups and established businesses. Our award winning, multi-disciplinary team can design and develop hardware and software from concept through to production.

Wireless Product Design.

We’ve spent millions developing Wireless and IoT products so you don’t have to.

Navigating the Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless product development for the first time can be a challenging endeavour for start-ups and small businesses. The path to creating a successful product involves technically navigating a complex landscape that includes product architecture, electronic design, mechanical design, software development, selection of suitable wireless technologies, data management, and cybersecurity. However, meeting the technical challenges are only part of the story, your project needs to focus on your business objectives, your customer’s requirements, and fit within timeline and budgetary constraints.

Boost Design specialises in the development of complex products, which includes all components of end-to-end IoT and wireless solutions. Our expert team can seamlessly integrate all hardware and software components to develop a product that is fit for purpose and loved by your users, whilst also considering the needs of your organisation.

We are dedicated to transforming your vision into a market-ready product that not only stands out but also fuels your business growth. Talk to us about how we can turn your IoT and wireless product ideas into reality.

Industrial Design.

IoT products depend on a physical device in an enclosure, and that’s where our talented industrial design and mechanical engineering team comes in. We develop beautiful, practical, durable, and manufacturable products designed specifically for your chosen environment. Tell us your objectives and let our team do the rest.


Electronics & Firmware Design.

Whether it is Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular, LoRaWAN, NBIoT, GPS, a combination, or something else, our design team can develop custom electronics and firmware to meet the exact needs of your application. We’ve developed low power miniaturised battery devices, high-power IoT controllers, invented new sensing technologies, plus a whole lot more. Our experienced team can ensure that your device has the right mix of technologies to deliver the features needed for your application.


Software Development.

Software is the heart of many wireless and IoT products, and our team are experts in architecting solutions to meet the needs of each individual application. Whether it’s a desktop application, smartphone app, cloud server, or something else, we are ready to take your ideas all the way from concept through to market launch.


Other Services.

We can help with much more than Wireless and IoT product development:

  • Research your product’s technical and commercial feasibility.
  • Invent and develop new patentable technologies to be integrated into your product, and arrange to lodge a provisional patent for you to protect it.
  • Development of prototype devices for demonstrations and field testing.
  • Creating of POC (proof-of-concept) devices and systems.
  • Production of high quality product images/renders suitable for marketing and fundraising purposes, as well as completed designs ready for prototype and production.
  • Design and delivery of electronic test systems to maximise production efficiencies and product quality.
  • Assist with product regulatory compliance requirements and third-party laboratory testing.
  • Provide manufacturing support and continued product improvements.
  • Develop design documentation to a level suitable for your needs, including in compliance with standards such as ISO13485 for medical devices.


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