Startup Services

Developing a new product and getting it to market isn’t easy.  We know. We’ve previously been part of numerous startup companies and have experienced it all first-hand.  We’re here to help, and can guide you through everything from refining your ideas, developing a product that your customers will love, ready for market launch.

20 +

Years of Startup Experience

$1B +

Value of Most Successful Startup

10 +

Startup Patent & Patent Applications

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Startups Previously Co/Founded or Joined

Our Experience

Prior to founding Boost Design, our General Manager Michael Potas has worked on the inside of startup companies for over 20 years.  He’s led small and large multi-disciplinary teams in order to research and develop new technologies, and has worked in sales and marketing to commercialise them.  Michael was previously an early employee and R&D executive of a medical device startup company whose valuation now exceeds $1 Billion dollars on the Australian Stock Exchange. Boost Design’s operating principles and processes are founded on this experience, where we structure our development programs to maximise success factors for new ventures.

The Boost Design team has startup experience across a broad range of industries, such as consumer, medical, industrial, wearable, entertainment, software, internet, and audio visual.  We invite you to leverage our team’s deep expertise and be there to help you on your startup and product development journey.

Our Services

Boost Design offers a range of programs suitable for entrepreneurs and startup companies.  We customise our programs as required to meet the unique needs of each project and client.  We can also offer additional programs, or combine multiple programs, based on your needs.

Our programs are based on lean startup & agile development principles; we test our product and/or market assumptions early and often, allowing us to change direction quickly where needed in order to maximise development efficiencies and minimise project risks.

Startup Programs

Feasibility Program



Entrepreneurs who have a great idea and are committed to pursue it



To determine whether a project should be pursued or abandoned, prior to committing to further stages of development



  • Technical feasibility review
  • Preliminary patentability and freedom-to-operate review by a patent attorney
  • Commercial feasibility (e.g. cost of goods)
  • Develop options to address any feasibility issues (if encountered)
  • Development of a plan for the next steps of development

Marketing Program



Start-ups or Entrepreneurs that would like to test market interest or attract investment



To test market demand or attract investment for a product, prior to committing further funds to development



  • Activities in the Feasibility Program, or as required
  • Generate preliminary product sketches and designs
  • Development of life-like & photorealistic concept images/renderings
  • Development of a high-quality summary presentation
  • Development of a physical block model that looks and feels like a final product but may have limited functionality

Rapid Prototype Program



Startups or Entrepreneurs who are ready to develop a pre-production prototype



Develop pre-production prototypes that will be very close to final production models, useful for testing and user evaluation purposes,  for gaining market feedback, or for attracting further investment



  • Development of POC (proof of concept) components and system subassemblies
  • Design of sub-assemblies utilising 3D CAD tools into pre-production designs
  • Liaise with suppliers to arrange production of devices
  • Supply a small number of product prototypes for testing and evaluation purposes

Production Ready Program



Startups who have a prototype design and want to get it into production and ready for sale



Product commercialisation and ongoing sales



  • Design for Manufacture
  • Arrange manufacturing tooling
  • Arrange certification to meet regulatory requirements for sale in different markets (e.g. CE Mark)
  • Contract production of products ready for sale

Full-Service Startup Program



Entrepreneurs and established businesses that have the funds but not the time to get a new start-up off the ground



To bring a new product to market without having to invest significant time, and to leverage our broad startup experience in pursuit of company success



  • Boost Design undertakes a lean-start-up methodology to design, develop and bring a new product to market
  • Includes a combination of all above programs
  • Includes additional activities, that may be project managed or outsourced, as required

Lean Medtech Program



New medical device companies



To efficiently develop a new medical device and prepare it for clinical evaluation, and prepare it for production



  • Boost Design undertakes a lean-start-up methodology suitable for medical device development to do all activities required to produce medical devices for clinical evaluation
  • May include a combination of all above programs
  • Includes regulatory and quality management system input from one of our trusted providers
  • Includes additional activities, that may be project managed or outsourced, as required

Other Activities

Boost Design can also assist at any stage of the development pathway to help you with:

  • Refinement of an invention, product concept, or product requirements to meet the needs of the target market
  • Intellectual property strategy development, including patentability assessments, designs registrations and patents
  • Development of the technology, and a technology and/or product roadmap plan
  • Product development within highly regulated industries (such as medical), including quality system and regulatory responsibilities and development of technical files.
  • Review of feasibility of project plans and budgets, or development of plans from scratch
  • Project risk management
  • Other aspects, as needed

The Boost Design Approach

In contrast to most product development consultancies, Boost design’s experience is based on many years of leadership working within small-businesses and technology start-ups.  This experience allows us to take a holistic approach to product development, which balances the needs of research, design and engineering with your overall business and product goals.


Here’s a summary of our approach:

  • We live and breathe Outcome Driven Design; every decision we make is informed by what you are trying to achieve with your product and your business.
  • Your satisfaction is our highest priority.
  • Our team are highly adept in translating technical terminology into plain English, so you don’t need to be an engineer to communicate with us or understand our work.
  • Wherever possible, we aim to integrate existing technology into our designs that will accelerate development time, reduce costs, while meeting or exceeding project and product objectives. This includes the use of reputable components that are readily available, well documented, are simple to evaluate and implement, or the use of designs already built by our own engineering team that are ready to deploy into your application.
  • We define a plan and team to suit each project individually.
  • Our work programmes are structured to identify and mitigate project risks as early as possible.
  • We are happy to accommodate your scope changes as the project progresses.
  • We invite you to be closely involved with the project and in all major design decisions, at a level of detail and involvement that suits you.
  • We consider design for manufacture (DFM) in all activities undertaken to facilitate a smooth transition into production.
  • All design projects are led by experienced Senior Engineers.
  • At the completion of the project we hand over all deliverables and designs to you.
  • Our company’s growth is fuelled by referrals and repeat business from our ever-growing and satisfied customer base, hence your success becomes our success.


If you are new to product development or are launching a new startup, please contact us to discuss how our in-depth startup expertise can help.