Lockwaste Smart Bin Lock.

Lockwaste is the world’s first smart bin lock solution dedicated to sustainable waste management. The innovative proximity sensing technology automatically locks an owner’s garbage bin while awaiting pick-up and automatically unlocks during waste collection. This allows users to take complete ownership of their waste and prevent the contamination of recycled materials, to help contribute to a cleaner world.

As part of this project Boost Design designed the complete hardware and firmware system. This included optimising the detection algorithms and developing an innovative hands-free sensing technology, eliminating the hassles associated with traditional locks. The universal design can be easily attached to any standard bin, without the need for complicated wiring, making installation simple and easy.

The device is now available for order here: https://www.lockwaste.com/


  • Review of product design options and development of a preferred design and system architecture.
  • Design and development of proof of concept of electronics hardware.
  • Development of all mechanical components.
  • Development of all firmware and sensor algorithms.
  • Development of Bluetooth communication protocols.
  • Power management and low power design to maximise battery life.
  • Design and development of a durable, IP-rated enclosure suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Prototype development and refinement.
  • Performance and user experience testing.
  • Design for low cost manufacturing.
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