Seatbelt Safety System.

Bucklemeup is a patented, Bluetooth enabled, passenger seatbelt safety system for vehicles. Each seat is fitted with a compact and discreet wireless seatbelt sensor. When a seatbelt is unlatched or forgotten, an alert notification is displayed on a dash mounted console or mobile application, to alert the driver and ensure passenger safety is always maintained.

Boost Design undertook extensive testing and engineering to optimise the sensor design and wireless communication, to ensure reliable operation with minimum battery consumption. The resulting system can be easily fitted to almost all passenger vehicles, allowing older vehicles to become compliant with the latest industry safety regulations in a matter of minutes.

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  • Design and development of proof of concept electronics hardware.
  • Development of all firmware and sensor algorithms.
  • Development of wireless communication protocols.
  • Power management and low power design to maximise battery life.
  • Design and development of a durable, IP-rated enclosure.
  • Prototype development and refinement.
  • Performance and user experience testing.
  • Development of driver software application.
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and sourcing suitable manufacturing partners.
  • Finalising designs and documentation for production tooling and mass manufacture.
  • Design and Development of manufacturing test jigs and testing protocols.
  • Supervise initial mass-manufacturing of product.
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