Nanocube Memory.

The client had developed a new resistive random-access memory technology that is printable, and includes the key advantage that it can be manufactured in a transparent and/or flexible form factor. The client wished to highlight the transparency feature of the memory technology and demonstrate its functionality by incorporating it into a futuristic application that would appeal to the client’s current and potential investors.


  • Work with the client to develop options for a technology concept demonstrator the application was a touchscreen kiosk that included numerous transparent electronic functions in addition to the RRAM memory
  • Collaborate with the University of New South Wale’s School of Materials Science & Engineering in order to specify the memory requirements
  • Develop the custom RRAM read and write circuitry for use in authentication and for pre-programming user access codes as part of prototype setup, respectively
  • Development of high-quality and photorealistic prototype images, suitable for marketing purposes
  • Development of basic display graphics, such as a static image for each functional state (ready to receive pin code, pin code correct, pin code incorrect).
  • Development of a fully functioning prototype, suitable for operation and use in the promotional video

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The demonstrator product helped the client to secure funding for further development of the technology:

A video with more information about the product can be found here:

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