Chemical Analysis System.

In this project the client wanted to develop a new device that miniaturised two high-cost pieces of benchtop laboratory test equipment into a single, low-cost, and portable hand-held battery powered device.


  • Review of product requirements and design of a suitable product architecture
  • Design of sensitive and very-low noise control electronics to control a highly-miniaturised Michelson interferometer
  • Development of low-noise high-power laser driver power supply modules
  • Development of Peltier-cooled optical sensors
  • Design of Near-Infrared light source drivers and measurement electronics
  • Development of a multi-processor system, providing both real-time high speed data acquisition in combination with signal processing engine
  • Development of wireless communications systems between the device and a smartphone
  • Development of a low-power battery management system
  • Miniaturisation of designs into small circuit boards to integrate with mechanical designs
  • Development of embedded firmware to support the required functionality
  • Prototype production and testing
  • Provided prototype support for ongoing research activities
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