IoT Touchscreen Controller.

As part of a Client’s new product innovation plan, the client aimed to develop a wireless touchscreen controller for their growing range of laboratory products.


  • Research and present options for the Bluetooth Controller processor mainboards that would be powerful enough to run the Client’s Windows-based controller software
  • Research and present options for touchscreen displays of the requisite resolution, quality and compatibility with the mainboard and Client software
  • Source some of the hardware options, configure them, and perform basic testing
  • Scope multiple electronics options that would meet the product’s connectivity requirements
  • Design schematics and PCBs for a custom interface board to integrate with the system
  • Manufacture and test the electronics
  • Design and develop a Bluetooth API to operate on the Windows platform, allowing bi-directional communications between the controller and wireless Bluetooth laboratory devices
  • Design and develop Bluetooth communications code for a related laboratory product, allowing remote control from the Bluetooth Controller.
  • Supporting the client in identifying and resolving production faults
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