SwimBETTER IoT Sports Tech.

eo SwimBETTER is a device that accurately tracks swimming technique, allowing swimmers to analyse their swimming stroke, make adjustments, to help them swim better.

The eo SwimBETTER has attracted attention from the top of swimming sports, including endorsements by swimming world-record holder and Olympic gold medallist Kyle Chalmers, and two-time world triathlon champion Vincent Luis.

Boost Design has been involved with this project since its inception and was engaged by eo to develop the devices from proof-of-concept through to commercial product.

The eo SwimBETTER handsets are available for purchase from the eo store athttps://www.eolab.com/swimbetter.


  • Selection and bench testing of a range of sensors, including pressure and 9-axis motion sensors, to confirm that accuracy, low-power, and mechanical performance requirements could be met
  • Design and testing of a range of device shapes and sizes, in consideration of ergonomics and anatomical variation between users, and hydrodynamics when used in swimming
  • Development of the device’s hardware user interface; utilising a single button and LED that provided all required features along with simplified operation for the user
  • Design and development of the miniaturised Bluetooth electronics that includes a rigid-flex PCBA
  • Design and development of miniaturised prototype handset enclosures, which provided the durability required for functional and user testing, that could be sealed for pool usage, and could me manufactured in small volumes
  • Design and development of production handset enclosures in cooperation with the chosen end-manufacturer
  • Design and development of the USB charging function and mechanical clips
  • Firmware development to support all sensing requirements and complex inter-handset Bluetooth synchronisation, as well as communications with the smartphone App and PC App
  • Design and development of a Bluetooth PC application for communication with the handsets
  • Development of basic test jigs and firmware to support debugging, development, and testing
  • Development of the Android and iOS eo SwimBETTER Apps, which communicates with the handsets and eo’s cloud server, and presents swim technique data based on graphical layouts developed with feedback from eo’s team of sports scientists and researchers

Media & Links

You can read more about the award winning design here:Boost Design and eo win award for innovative swim wearable device.

A video with more information about the product can be found here:

“We are very honoured to have a device that has been recognised for its design on this level in our suite at eo. We stand for defying evolution, and pushing the boundaries of human limitation and together with the team at Boost Design, we were able to achieve that. The team have done a fantastic job, and we commend them for their hard work and dedication to the future of sport and technique development.”

Jaimie Fuller, Chairman and co-founder of eo

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