IoT Medical Monitor.

The client wished to develop an IoT product for monitoring the status of a wide range of medical devices placed in the field. This would ensure that medical devices with faults could be automatically identified, and that operational medical devices could be easily located by users with a companion smartphone App.

Working prototypes were handed over to the client in preparation for further field testing and evaluation.


  • A broad technology review, to determine the best sensing methodologies and design architecture to meet the needs of the application
  • Electronic and firmware designs for very low-power operation; the device had to operate for at least 5 years in the field without battery recharging or replacement
  • Review and development of low-power status sensing technologies, and development of test jigs to allow for verification of completed designs
  • Design of the cellular CAT M1 communications system
  • Development of low-power inter-device Bluetooth communications protocols
  • Design of a motion sensing system to determine if the medical device had been moved
  • Development of a device commissioning procedure, including device identification in the cloud, and installation of security certificates to allow communications with a secure AWS server
  • Design of miniaturised optoelectronics to fit within supplied 3D enclosure designs
  • Production and testing of a small number of prototypes
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