IoT Bluetooth Smartphone App

In this project the Client was bringing a new-to-world sports technology product to market, which included an entire ecosystem of hardware, cloud software, smartphone Apps, and desktop software. As part of this project, Boost Design completed the following App software development activities:

  • Worked with the Client to develop a set of requirements for the Android and iPhone App
  • Developed the Bluetooth functionality, including the protocols for connection to the IoT hardware device
  • Developed the interface to communicate with the cloud server over the smartphone’s default internet connection (e.g. WiFi or 4G)
  • Developed the OTA (over-the-air) updates functionality, allowing firmware updates to be deployed to the hardware devices by product users when in the field over a Bluetooth Connection between the smartphone App and the device
  • Worked closely with the Client to take their preferred UX/UI (user experience and user interface) requirements, refine them, and develop them into the App
  • Developed core backend functionality, including sensor data upload and download from the cloud, sensor data download from the hardware device, upload and download of configuration settings to the device and cloud
  • Developed data visualisation and user login/signup features
  • Deployed the App to the Apple and Android stores
  • Provided post-launch support with feature improvements and bug fixes
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