Gusto Dust Reduction System.

The Gusto DRS (Dust Reduction System) is a device that prevents dust ingress and accumulation in caravans, RVs, and motorhomes during travel. With an innovative, compact design, the Gusto DRS is easy to install, requires no structural reinforcing or extensive waterproofing, and functions in the harshest of Australian outback conditions.

This was a detailed electro-mechanical project, led by the Boost Design team, requiring extensive research and testing of pressure dynamics, fan specification, design, and optimisation. The result is a solution that surpasses all expectations and outperforms the competition. It can adequately pressurise a full-sized caravan in seconds, offering effective dust elimination and a seamless user experience.

The device is now available for order here:


  • Review of product design options and development of a preferred design and system architecture.
  • Pressure dynamics research (including computational fluid dynamics analysis) and testing to develop an optimised fan design, specification, and caravan placement.
  • Design and development of proof of concept electronics hardware.
  • Research and development of suitable mounting and electrical connection options.
  • Development of designs suitable for rugged environments; e.g. shock, vibration, water ingress etc.
  • Development of concept images and product renderings, suitable for marketing purposes.
  • Prototype development and refinement.
  • Performance and user experience testing.
  • Sourcing suitable manufacturing partners and evaluating cost reduction opportunities.
  • Detailed development of all components and documentation for production tooling and mass manufacture.
  • On-going manufacture and supply of product.
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