Cleaning Device.

Gusto came to Boost Design wanting to design and develop a product for cleaning the feet of people entering vehicles, such as caravans and RVs. They had identified a gap in the market and concluded there is a need for a device that can conveniently and easily clean the feet of most debris.

The device is now available for order at


  • Review of product design options and development of a preferred design and system architecture for the product, based on use of the product in a Caravan.
  • Proof of concept of electronics hardware design and development, including identification, selection and testing of an appropriate fan or blower and proximity sensor for contactless operation.
  • Research and development of suitable mounting and electrical connection options.
  • Development of designs suitable for rugged environments; e.g. shock, vibration, water ingress etc.
  • Development of concept images and product renderings, suitable for marketing purposes.
  • Prototype development and refinement.
  • Performance and user experience testing.
  • Sourcing suitable manufacturing partners and working on cost reduction opportunities.
  • Finalising designs for production tooling and mass manufacture.
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