Inventor Services!

Inventor Services!

Published: 06 Feb 2019

Inventor Services with Boost Design

Are you an inspiring inventor? Do you see the market for a new product that others have overlooked, yet when put to the task of getting it to market you don’t know where to start? If those statements ring a bell than Inventor Services by Boost Design might be right for you! Boost Design has been working with startups and independent inventors for over 20 years. Our advice and methods have a proven track record of transforming your dream product into reality. Our team of experts is ready to help guide you through every step of the process to turn your idea into a successful product launch. The Boost Design inventor services team has worked with firms across a broad range of industries including, medical, laboratory, consumer, industrial, wearable, sports, entertainment, software, internet, and audio visual. Our team is very adept at applying our inventor services to whatever industry you need your product to thrive in. During this time, countless product and commercialisation plans have been developed. Our goal is to ensure that your product is rock solid before it goes out the door in order to maximize return on investment. We look at everything, from market potential to market fit, to project risk management, to dealing with patents, to sales and marketing strategies, the list goes on and on. Our inventor services team are experts at finding the niche for your product in the market and optimizing your product to fit that niche.

The Boost Design approach

What makes Boost Design’s inventor services different from other product development consultancies is that our experience is based on many years of leadership working within small-businesses and technology start-ups. This experience allows us to take a much more holistic approach to product development. An approach which balances the needs of research, design, as well as engineering, with your overall business and product goals. We live and breathe design, and every decision we make is based on your goals for your product and your business, and your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our team is very proficient at translating technical jargon into layman’s terms so you don’t need an engineering degree to understand what’s going on. We carefully set out a design plan and select a team for each project individually, so you know your invention will get the attention it deserves. Wherever possible, we aim to integrate existing technology and pieces into our designs. This is done in order to accelerate development time, reduce costs, while still meeting or exceeding product objectives. This includes the use of reputable components that are readily available, well documented, are simple to evaluate and implement. It also includes the use of designs already built by our own engineering team that are ready to quickly deploy into your application. Part of our process is ensuring that we identify and limit potential project risks as early in development as possible. We welcome and encourage you to be involved in the design process at any level of detail that suits you. Every design project is led by one or more senior engineers. At the completion of the project, we hand over all deliverables and designs to you.

About Boost Design

Boost Design is a Sydney-based product design consultancy specialising in the development of embedded electronic, medical, and high technology products. Our general manager Michael Potas has extensive experience in working with various startup companies. He has developed partnerships to fund research and development and is the author and/or inventor of more than ten patent applications (and growing). He has carried his knowledge and experience over to Boost Design and has built a team that is ready to make your product a massive success. As previously mentioned our methods and practices are all centred around maximizing your product’s potential in the market and generating a solid return on investment. When you are looking for inventor services you want a team that knows the process of making a product real and getting it to market inside and out. Here at Boost Design that is exactly what our team was built to do and that is why we can make your dream product a reality. So if you want to bring your idea to life, look no further than Boost Design, so contact us today!


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