Why Choose Boost Design?

Why Choose Boost Design?

Published: 08 Sep 2020

Boost Design has over twenty years harnessed of experience in the area of working with start-up technology companies with a strong track record of developing numerous patented technologies across their successful venture. Being one of various electronics companies in Sydney, Boost Design have thorough expertise that covers various industries in a bid to help you best evaluate modern technology business opportunity, rapidly develop new products, protect it, and develop strategy to assist in the process of achieving successful execution of product commercialisation. In comparison to other electronics companies in Sydney, Boost Design’s knowledge and expertise has been achieved through years of research and develop as well as start-up executive management from within numerous technology companies. The experience and deep understanding Boost Design has attained over their successful tenure allow us to take a holistic approach to research and development that ties in expertise across multiple specialisations, all the way from developing a business case, through research and engineering, and then to commercialisation and after sales support. Boost Design can cater to assist and guide you through the full process of capturing customer’s needs, developing the project business case and project plan, running a research program, design and developing the product, testing and certifying it, manufacturing and commercialising it, to supporting it in the field which has put Boost Design in an unrivalled position.

Our Successful Projects

They always say the proof is in the pudding and in the instance of Boost Designs track record of success among the electronics companies in Sydney, there are no shortages of successful projects executed by the team. A project undertaken by Boost Design was for MedLauncher in relation to the SurVis Therman Camera which is a non-invasive method for facilitating rapid screens of human skin temperature. The thermal camera was designed to identify common illness symptoms such as COVID-19 with wider scope to add a dimension of safety to public areas. MedLauncher specifically engaged with Boost Design to leverage off their research and ability to develop the thermal imaging camera. As part of the engagement, Boost Design assisted with development through conducting research around the available technologies, discovered the most cost effective approach to produce the camera in comparison to other comparable offering in the market, developed a benchtop proof-of-concept of the technology including electronics, firmware, software, industrial design. Furthermore, we developed sales and marketing assets allowing the client to test the market prior to committing to further development, conducted patentability searches and freedom to operate searches, and applied for a provisional patent on the technology, designed a prototype of the device suitable for performance testing, developed test methodologies and equipment to verify camera performance and accuracy. As a result of Boost Designs input and contribution, the SurVis Thermal Camera was developed in a matter of months and now available for order at commercial quantities.

Electronic Design

As far as electronics companies in Sydney go, Boost Design are seen as a one-stop-shop when it comes to the development of your concept from its inception through to the product development and commercial level production. Boost Design have a knack for creating a smooth integration of various components from mechanical, electronic, firmware and software with abilities to embedded software and firmware engineering to drive the functionality of your product. This truly is a unique offering as product consistency is maintained throughout. As an all-inclusive offering, Boost Design can research your product’s technical and commercial feasibility and even have enough know-how to invent and develop new patentable technologies to be integrated into your product, and lodge a provisional patent for you to protect it. Boost Design has worked on that many projects that we can appreciate there is more to just collating all the components and arranging for production. Due to Boost Design’s expertise in the new technologies area they can also conduct IP reviews and patenting, arrange regulatory assessment and product certification, and do market research. Further to this, Boost Design also offer the development of start-up companies from scratch. We believe the best policy is genuinely wanting to help and provide out clients with a solution, and that is why your success is also Boost Design’s success.


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