Why Boost?

What Makes Boost Design Different?

Unlike most product development consultancies, Boost Design’s experience comes from years of R&D and start-up executive management from within numerous technology companies. This allows us to take a multi-disciplinary approach to R&D that ties in expertise across multiple specialisations, all the way from developing a business case, through research and engineering, and then to commercialisation and after sales support. We work to achieve an in-depth understanding of your objectives so that we can tailor a solution to provide maximal business outcomes at the lowest cost and shortest duration.

Boost Design has 20+ years experience working in technology start-up companies and has developed many patented technologies.  We can leverage our expertise spanning multiple industries to help you evaluate a new technology or business opportunity, rapidly develop a new product, protect it, and develop a strategy to help achieve product commercialisation success.


Boost Design Office Meeting


Why Choose Boost Design?

We take a holistic approach to research and product development, which means that you not only receive great product designs from us, you also receive a product that integrates seamlessly with your overall business and objectives.  We can also offer assistance and guidance to help you do everything from capturing customer needs, developing the project business case and project plan, running a research program, design and developing the product, testing and certifying it, manufacturing and commercialising it, to supporting it in the field.

Please get in touch so we can let you know exactly how we can assist you with your project.