Boost Design Team Member

Michael Potas

General Manager

Michael is the founder of Boost Design and has a background in technology development and commercialisation.  He has worked for or founded a range of start-ups relating to medical devices, sports, audio, entertainment, and software, is the author and/or inventor on more than ten patent applications, lectures in IP and commercialisation strategy, and has worked across a broad range of roles that encompass research, engineering, marketing, sales, business development, customer support, service, quality, manufacturing and regulatory functions.  Michael was also an early employee and executive manager at the medical device start-up Nanosonics Limited, whose valuation on the Australian Stock Exchange exceeded $1B in 2016 based on the sales of the product that his R&D team developed.  Michael’s broad experience allows him to take a cross-disciplinary approach to research, development, and product commercialisation, where he is always focused on the alignment of product development activities to the achievement of business outcomes.

Boost Design Team Member

Julian Higginson

Senior Electronics and Firmware Engineer

Julian is a senior electronics engineer and our resident IoT (Internet of Things) expert.  In one of his previous assignments, Julian developed a low power high density software defined IoT network, which encompassing the design of the wireless network, environmental sensors, embedded Linux system, power supply design, and HVAC (mains voltage) networking.  He has also developed the electronics and firmware for a range of home appliances that were manufactured in high volume, and has substantial experience overseeing compliance testing, selection of manufacturers, and transition products to high volume manufacture in China.  Julian has also worked on wireless wearable sports sensors, a wireless and wired nurse call system, and many other projects where he has developed electronics and firmware from concept to production release.

Boost Design Team Member

Kerem Kos

Senior Software Engineer

Kerem is an electronics engineer with 15+ years of embedded firmware development experience.  As part of his prior activities, Kerem developed software and firmware to control a broad range of products including a children’s bowling system, a high-power solar inverter electronics for the military, and a network of wireless smart appliances for the home.   He also built and led the software development team for an OEM consumer appliances company that developed the control systems for washing machines, induction cooktops, and refrigerators.   The software developed by Kerem and his former team can be found in many-millions of products worldwide under brand names such as JVC, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sharp, and Teac.  Kerem has also studied web development, and has created cloud-based dashboards that connect to hardware devices as well as software data sources as part of his work at Boost Design.

Senior Electronics Engineer

Fergus Dixon

Senior Electronics and Firmware Engineer

Fergus has broad experience developing a range of electronic products from concept through to production.  He has worked for numerous medial device companies on products such as implantable ventricular assist devices, CT contrast Injectors, and CPAP devices, and has worked on testing and meeting TGA, FDA, and CE Mark related guidelines and IEC EMC/EMI standards.  Fergus has developed products that encompass technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, Xbee, RFID, barcode scanners, touchscreens, motion trackers, motor controllers and solar panels amongst others.  Additionally, Fergus also has significant firmware and software development experience for a range of processors and platforms.

Liam Senior Electronics Design Engineer

Liam Meagher

Senior Electronics & FPGA Engineer

Liam is a Senior Electronics Engineer with a broad range of product development experience within start-ups and multinationals in Australia and internationally. Liam has worked within numerous fields of specialisation including Optical Communications, Broadcast Video, IoT/Wearables, High-Speed Printing, Aviation and Wireless Communications.  Liam has developed a range of wearable products, including an Android-based miniaturised wearable camera utilising cloud-based facial recognition, and a wearable sports sensor sleeve.  He also led the development of an FPGA-based flight recorder for military aircraft.  Liam has significant FPGA design experience and holds a Masters degree in Electronic Systems.


Kim O’Sullivan

Senior Firmware Engineer

Kim has been working as a software and firmware developer, systems architect and security consultant since 1997, covering a broad range of organisations spanning from tech start-ups through to large government and defence projects.  He has been involved in the development of numerous Australian standards and has extensive experience in every aspect of the product development project life-cycle.  Kim has developed smart card systems for defence and transport, software security and encryption systems, human motion & position sensing products and technologies, automation, visual effects systems, audio systems, PC and web software, and a range of embedded wireless devices.

Mobile App Engineer

Michael Barlow

Senior Mobile & App Engineer

Michael is a mobile software developer with over 7 years in the mobile development space. He has developed a wide variety of apps for numerous clients ranging from small startups to larger companies including Telstra, Commonwealth Bank, Hoyts, Virgin Money, Caltex and Domain. He has been involved in all stages of development, from the conception of small and simple apps through to later stage production-ready apps. Michael has worked on apps that interface with a variety of technologies including bluetooth hardware, web-servers, Google Chromecast and NFC-enabled cards. He is highly experienced in creating simple, easy-to-use interfaces that link to powerful software back ends.