Ergonomic Keyboard.

Our client had an idea for a better keyboard design. He reviewed all ergonomic keyboard and mouse options that were on the market and came up with a series of small changes to keyboard design that make huge improvements to ergonomics.


  • Development of a development plan suitable for the product and client
  • Development of proof-of-concept electronics and firmware
  • Industrial design and rapid prototyping of a proof-of-concept keyboard assembly, suitable for initial testing
  • Refinement of designs into a first keyboard prototype, suitable for user testing, which underwent several rounds of refinement in order to perfect ergonomics for users
  • Work on electronic and keyboard design for manufacture (DFM) with chosen suppliers
  • Organised production tooling
  • Developed high-quality product concept images
  • Provided guidance with IP protection, certification testing, and product marketing
  • Provided other general startup guidance and support
Boost Design wins a Red Dot Design Award

“This is a design of true integrity. A highly innovative ergo keyboard, packed with many ergonomic features – including a patented sliding palm-rest solution. Positive online reviews suggest this is already well received well in the marketplace.”

– Australian Good Design Awards Jury


“Best Keyboard for 2021“


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