Cryptocurrency Miner.

Mining is a process where cryptocurrency coins are generated utilising specialised processing hardware and software. Our client developed a prototype system designed to mine Skycoin cryptocurrency which combined a number of readily available existing technologies. While the prototype worked effectively, it was expensive to produce and time-consuming to assemble.


  • Review the electro-mechanical assembly and identify options for reducing the number of parts
  • Redesign the electronics to remove a number of expensive third-party components and integrate them into a single motherboard design, incorporating high-speed ethernet
  • Redesign the enclosure to reduce size, cost, simplify assembly, and improve aesthetics
  • Consolidate the device’s power management to a single and much lower-cost power supply
  • Remove nearly all cabling from the design, simplifying the supply chain, reducing costs, and reducing potential failure points
  • Evaluate the assembly process and redesign the system to significantly reduce complexity and labour requirements
  • Implement design changes to significantly reduce compliance certification costs & risks, both for EMC and electrical safety tests
  • Generate high-quality product digital images for marketing purposes
  • Arrange for pre-production devices to be manufactured in preparation for certification testing and product launch
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