Harnessing Projects

Harnessing Projects

Published: 10 Jun 2020

You can have all the great ideas in the world or have a brilliant application in mind but the execution can sometimes be another story. This is often the case with many projects in the field of electronic product design. No matter what your industry is, or the idea you have, the team at Boost Design can help you harness your project and bring into a reality. An example of this can be seen with the IoT Farm Management System that Boost Design was able to harness and develop to help revolutionise the farming sector. Understanding the needs for crop farmers to efficiently manage their water supply, our team developed this system that was able to monitor and control a farms irrigation system. In order to develop this product so it suited the needs of the market, the team had to work closely with the clients to understand what functions it needed and what it required. From there, we were able to combine our technical expertise and develop a system that not only suited the needs of their clientele but was also worked efficiently. This is just one of the many electronic product design projects that Boost Design has undertaken and have taken from a concept to a physical product. From cryptocurrency mining to wearable medical devices, if you have an idea or a project, consult with us to see how we can help you bring it into reality.

Selecting The Right Company

If you ask any company to promote themselves, they will obviously take the time to but as a consumer or as somebody looking to hire a service, it can be a confusing and overwhelming world out there, especially in the space of electronic product design. With so many companies making promises, how do you find the best company to work with to bring your project to life? There are a few things you should look for when deciding who to work with, you just need to make sure you do your research. A company is most likely to have a portfolio where they are able to give you examples of their previous work. This is where you can see what they have accomplished as well as finding out if they have experience in working with concepts, ideas and/or products that are similar to yours in the past. Boost Design has a plethora of projects accomplished and projects listed on our website. Another aspect that you to consider when you are doing your research is what company fits into the budget that you have and are they able to work with a flexible budget. While a company may be a little out of your price range, a good company may be able to offer an alternative arrangement that suits both of you. Another good sign is if they are able to breakdown their costs and services and be transparent while working within the parameters you have set out. Before you go hiring, it is very important to consider whether the company that you are hiring for your electronic product design has experience in the industry that you are working with. While they may have developed similar style products, different industries have different regulations and parameters that they have to meet. This is why Boost Design is such a good choice. Not only are we able to be flexible, our team has a range of experience in a range of different industries. We will be able to show you ways to be more cost-effective while simultaneously breathing life into your project, from start to finish and beyond.

The Boost Team

The Boost Design team is synonymous with excellence, employing an incredible group of Engineers that bring so much experience and expertise to the table in terms of electronic product design. Senior Electronics and Firmware Engineer Julian Higginson has an incredibly diverse portfolio of design work and has developed electronics, firmware and wireless technology for a range of different products and needs. Our Senior Software Engineer Kerem Kos brings with him fifteen years of experience in firmware and development of electronic product design, developing products from a children’s bowling system to high-powered solar inverter electronics for the military. Fergus Dixon, our Senior Electronics and Firmware Engineer has experience with medical device companies and has a solid reputation of following projects through from to start to finish and maximising potential outcomes for all our clients. Senior Electronics and FPGA Engineer Liam Meagher is highly experienced with start-ups and product development, Senior Firmware Engineer Kim O’Sullivan brings over twenty years of experience in software and firmware development- both of these engineers have excellent skills in development services. Along with many of our other engineers, the Boost Design Team is the gold standard when it comes to electronic product design.


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