Boost Design: The Future In Professional Hands

Boost Design: The Future In Professional Hands

Published: 22 Feb 2020

Industrial Design Sydney by Boost Design

When you have a vision or concept in mind for an electronic product development, you need to be confident in the quality of the design and manufacturing to bring it to life. That’s where Boost Design comes in; out team is highly-qualified and experienced with a diverse range of product designs for various industries and we can translate your concept into a reality driving you into the future. Passionate about achieving exceptional design with all the right boxes ticked, our team is comprised of Senior Electronics and Firmware Engineers and the Founder, Michael Potas as General Manager with an extensive history of innovative research and development. Having led multi-disciplinary teams harnessing the power of advanced technologies, Michael ensures that Boost Design delivers an outstanding service to each and every client as well as premium-quality workmanship in design and manufacturing. Delivering on our promises is our mission and we are well-versed in inventor and start-up companies and innovative with our transformation of concepts into design modules. Never compromising on a high quality standard of work, Boost Design’s goals and objectives are to drive success for clientele and boost the market of the future. Remaining abreast of the latest trends and technological platforms and aptitude, we are resourceful and highly-knowledgeable aiming to maximise profitability margins through achieving the most cost-effective pathway for you. We work closely with you as our valued client, collaborating throughout the entire process from beginning to completion and actively listen to your input and requirements for your design. We understand technical specifications and therefore we endeavour to merge your wishes with our capabilities according to specs and design principles.


Inventor And Start-up Services By Boost Design

With a long history of achieving successful outcomes for inventors and start-ups, Boost Design has collaborated with a diverse range of industries including medical, industrial, consumer, entertainment, wearable, software, internet and audio-visual with strong capabilities in each of those areas. More than twenty years of start-up experience is what we can offer you along with an achievement of more than ten Patent applications and an accomplishment of greater than one billion dollars in successful start-up value. If that doesn’t instil confidence in, here are our start-up programs we can harness. For first time inventors who have a fantastic idea or concept and are committed to pursue this, our Feasibility Program works well and Boost Design along with you determines the feasibility or viability of the invention including assessing a commercial feasibility, technical expertise required and development of options and a plan. Our Marketing Program offers clientele who are in the early stages of start-up or new inventor the ability to test market demand and attract prospective investment for a product. Our activities include the same as the Feasibility Program plus generation of preliminary product sketches and designs, development of life-like concepts and a summary presentation and the development of a physical block model to reflect the design but may be without the full functionality. The Rapid Prototype Program suits start-ups and inventors who are ready to develop a pre-production prototype and our team at Boost Design is capable of developing the prototype to specifications which enables testing, evaluation, attaining feedback and attraction of investors. Developing a Proof Of Concept (POC) is integral and we harness the 3D CAD tools to work our magic with designs. Boost Design offers other start-up programs which are available to peruse on our website.


Proof Of Concept (POC)

A Proof Of Concept (POC) is a necessary stage to working on a viable product design and it brings together the potential of what this product can launch for the future. Driving a product vision or concept into viability and to the point where it can be tested for functionality involves research and an aptitude to create a conducive POC which tests the theories behind the concept. Some of the important questions a company like Boost Design might ask include what the purpose is and what are we trying to achieve, what are the measurements of criteria for success, it the POC and design deliverable within the deadline, what resources are required to work with and what the ultimate value is that we are driving to accomplish. Boost Design will also evaluate the capability of your company to adopt this innovative product design, present reporting and salient information on the capabilities and benefits, create a technical document for internal testing teams and provide a comprehensive write-up of how the project can be accomplished and the forecast budget for the project. Our team at Boost Design is ready and capable of achieving a vision translated into a reality if the concept is viable and you can be confident in our professionalism, integrity, service and premium-quality workmanship.


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