Boost Design: Leading the way in Technology

Boost Design: Leading the way in Technology

Published: 16 Apr 2019

Sydney-based technology consultant company, Boost Design is leading the way in electronic design. Specialising in the development of embedded electronic, medical and high-end technology products, we are well-equipped to deliver quality products and outstanding customer service. Adopting a holistic approach to product development and practices, Boost Design aligns its services with the business goals and objectives of our clientele. Armed with a mission to develop new-to-world products, we aim to achieve commercial success for our clientele and ensure that you are satisfied with the technology we can provide. Boost Design is a team of experts who are passionate about what we can accomplish. General Manager of Boost Design, Michael Potas has an extensive history of founding technology start-up companies in field such as sports, audio, entertainment and software and have developed partnerships to fund research and development. Furthermore, he is the inventor of more than ten patents and the numbers continue to increase. Michael’s repertoire of skills and expertise includes founding the engineering team at Nanosonics. He has been in the electronic design world for a great many years. Responsible for electronics, software, firmware, mechanical engineering, science and intellectual property development, Michael has headed technology platforms and delivered successful outcomes. Winner of the Warren Center for Advanced Engineering, Michael has electronic design soldered.

Why Should You Choose Boost Design for Electronic Design?

Boost Design assists inventors and startup companies get started with product development.

Armed with more than twenty years of research and development and start-up management experience in the field of technology, Boost Design adopts a multi-disciplinary approach and collaborates to ensure the optimum product delivery and outcome. From developing a business case through to research and engineering and then delivery and after-sales support, Boost Design is the company to utilise for electronic design. We collaborate with you to assess and determine your requirements, to organise what needs to be achieved to satisfy your goals and objectives and tailor a solution to maximise outcome. Furthermore, we will ensure that our service and products are cost-effective and turn-around time is minimal. Our expertise can cater for a diverse range of industries and we ensure that we stay abreast of new technologies; we develop a strategy that will accomplish success and you can be sure to be pleased with the end result. We like a smooth process and we are sure that you do too so the product that we develop to suit your requirements will integrate seamlessly with your business. Boost Design also provides guidance and support throughout the process and exceptional customer service underpins our business model.

Electronic Design Solutions Tailored To Suit Your Business

Specialising in research and development of technology products including electronic design and follow-up service, Boost Design will deliver a viable product and works with first-time inventors through to well-established companies so whatever your business needs, we deliver outcomes. Designing a Proof-Of-Concept (POC) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a specialty along with designing and developing prototypes, transferring designs to production, low-volume production and ongoing manufacturing. Aspects of our tasks that the Boost Design Engineering Team can coordinate includes the creation of electronic, firmware, software and mechanical product requirements aligned with your business objectives, the invention and development of new patented technologies invested in your product, the manufacturing, assembly and testing of prototypes and providing manufacturing support and continual improvements on your product. Our expertise is almost limitless when it comes to technological products to cater for your requirements and we offer electronic product design activities including research, design and development of schematics and PCB assemblies, all ready for production and in a timely manner. Keeping up with interfacing hardware, we also engage with software applications such as smartphone apps, desktop software, cloud servers, databases and wen dashboards to name just several. Armed with our team of experts, Boost Design is an all-encompassing technological solutions company and you can be sure of a quality product and outstanding customer service.


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